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First Philosophy: Aristotle Again

It is almost annoying to have to continually go back to Aristotle when looking for the best ways to divide things, to think about things intellectually. In the West at least. It is not an exaggeration to say that his work forms the very…
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Postmodern Metaphysics

In many respects, one can consider the age that we live in, the Quantum Era, as one of intense intellectual crisis and turmoil, very much analogous to the crisis that the intellectuals faced during the Enlightenment Era after the world had…
Universal creation from the Big Bang
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Ontology in the Quantum Era: A Retrospective

From an ontological perspective, a term that was coined only in the last century or two to denote a specific branch of philosophy related to being, or reality itself, in deep antiquity our ancestors simply had myth.  Various tales and stories…
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Islamic Philosophy: Allāh as the Final Cause

One cannot properly explore the evolution of metaphysics and theology in Western civilization and its metamorphosis into science, without having some level of understanding of its development and evolution after the so-called fall of the Roman…
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Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Causality and Theology in Antiquity

Aristotle is arguably one of, if not the, most influential philosophers in the history of Western civilization, outlining in painstaking detail not only a fully formed and comprehensive system of reason and logic, but also a comprehensive system…
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Hellenic Theo-Philosophy: From Mythos to Logos

So from what intellectual and socio-political and cultural context did the works and schools of Plato and Aristotle emerge?  Where did their ideas come from, even if they are altogether unique in their language, tenets and ideas and even if…
Death of Socrates
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The Legacy of Socrates: Skepticism, Knowledge and Reason

One of the best indications of the influence of Socrates on the development of Western philosophy, what the Hellenes, or Greeks, termed philosophia, his ideas being primarily represented by the writings of his best known pupil Plato, is the…