About the Author

Buddha In The WindowThe author is a practicing Information Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience in the SaaS and FinTech sector. He has an undergraduate degree from Brown University (Econ, Ancient Studies), a Masters in Computer Science from NYU, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at FAU focusing on metaphysical interpretations of language (Natural Language Processing).  He joins his background in Computer Science and Engineering with over three decades of study and practice in the art of mysticism and metaphysics, following threads and arcs of intellectual development in both Eastern and Western branches culminating in his magnum opus Theology Reconsidered which looks at the development of modern science within the context of the evolution of mysticism, mythology and theology through pre-history, ancient history, medieval times and through the Enlightenment.

The author brings together both eastern and western perspectives on epistemology, metaphysics and ontology in his work, with current focus on metaphysics as it relates to the field of Natural Language Processing in AI and epistemological interpretations of physics.

Born and raised in New York City, he currently lives in South Florida with his wife and youngest (of 3) children. His published works can be found below, although much of the content can be found here online under the banner, Notes from the Digital Underground. Any correspondence or questions should be directed to juanvaldez1971@gmail.com.


Metaphysics Reconsidered [2022]

Published in 2022 by Dorrance Publishing, this work sits at the tail end of a progression of studies into theology, mysticism, and philosophy which reaches its apex here philosophically.

Homo Mysticus: ex machina [2022]

Published in 2022 by Dorrance Publishing, Homo Mysticus is a book about the science of mysticism, seen through the lens of ancient cosmogony and sacred geometry.

IRA: Idealogical Reference Architecture [2022]

An epistemological interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Eurasian Philosophy and Quantum Metaphysics (Theology Reconsidered) [2019]

Published in 2019 by Dorrance Publishing.

The Seeker: Chasing Ghosts [2017]

Published in 2017 by Authorhouse.

Theology Reconsidered: Volume I Mythos and Logos [2017]

Published in 2017 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Theology Reconsidered: Volume II An Ontological Perspective [2017]

Published in 2017 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Philosophy in Antiquity: The Greeks [2015]

Published in 2015 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Philosophy in Antiquity: The Far East [2015]

Published in 2015 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Snow Cone Diaries: A Philosopher’s Guide to the Information Age [2014]

Published in 2014 by Authorhouse.


Word Embeddings and Semantic Spaces in Natural Language Processing

Published in January 2023 by the International Journal of Intelligence Science

Idealogical Reference Architecture (IRA): An Epistemological Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 

Published in August 2022 by the Open Journal of Philosophy.

The Legacy of Socrates: Ideas, Forms and Knowledge

Published in August 2014 by the Journal of Social Philosophy Research.

Stoic Philosophy: Its Origins and Influence

Published in November 2014 by the Journal of Social Philosophy Research.

Early Vedic Cosmological Narratives: The Seeds of Vedanta

Published in November 2014.

Numerology and Arithmology in Pythagorean Philosophy and the Yijing

Published in the Summer of 2016