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ChatGPT Code Generation Capabilities: a case study of topic modeling in python

Introduction What follows is a description of a few weeks interaction with ChatGPT using it as a sort of coding assistant for a research project in Topic Modeling that I am currently working on. Topic Modeling is in and of itself a semi-advanced…
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Turing Machines and Computing

Another excerpt from Homo Mysticus, from toward the end of the work where the argument is made that man is a (bio-chemical) machine of sorts (ex machina, the subtitle of the work). The set of coincidences that we will go through in the…
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TikTok, Dolores Cannon and Hypnosis

About a month or two ago I cam across the work of Dolores Cannon. I saw videos of her speaking about her work TikTok, my new favorite (anonymous) social media application where all the strange and wonderful beasts of myth and fantasy seem to…


To the family that is broken Generations of pain Of hurt upon hurt Of jealousy and hate Of turmoil and loss Of suffering heaped upon suffering Is there no end to this madness? Can the cycle not be broken? What can be done? When ears…
Buddha In The Window

Metaphysics, Ethics and Economics (Video Blog)

While the spiritual needs and ramifications of the current changes on the planet right now (aka ascension from 3d to 5d reality) are almost ubiquitous on social media platforms right now, basic and fundamental socio-economic considerations of…

A Moment

To capture a moment in a word An essence in a description A seed in a tree When the inside and the outside Begin to blur together When the ringing raises As a hummingbird sings And the colors begin to gray And the space begins to glow Like…
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Pythagoras and Fu Xi: Brothers from another Mother

Some of the concluding portions of Homo Mysticus that tie together deep metaphysical concepts from Pythagorean philosophy (as embedded in the tetractys) and the I Ching (Yi Jing), the Classic of Changes, from deep Chinese antiquity. As…

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homo mysticus: ex machina

Homo Mysticus: ex machina

Homo mysticus is a book about the science of mysticism, seen through the lens of ancient cosmogony and sacred geometry. This book connects the spiritual and the otherworldly to the practical and tangible in a refreshingly down-to-earth way. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the subjects of both mysticism and science.

Metaphysics Reconsidered

Metaphysics Reconsidered

This work sits at the tail end of a progression of studies into theology, mysticism, and philosophy which reaches its apex here philosophically. It builds off of the understanding of the (shared) foundations of theological, mystical, and philosophical knowledge from antiquity that we explore in Theology Reconsidered and Homo Mysticus that have…