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While the spiritual needs and ramifications of the current changes on the planet right now (aka ascension from 3d to 5d reality) are almost ubiquitous on social media platforms right now, basic and fundamental socio-economic considerations of the current global changes are both under appreciated and not much discussed outside of (tainted and self-serving) political circles. While the complete abandoning of old systems of organizing labor, goods and commerce may seem like a decent idea on its face, in reality a radical shift and/or collapse of basic socio-economic or governing infrastructure is actually in no one’s best interests. What needs to start happening is the focus on techniques that yes get us away from the old mindset and old way of doing things, but at the same time look to minimize adverse consequences of said changes.

We need to conserve what is good and adapt existing institutions where wherever possible. Baby need not be tossed out with the bathwater as they say.

No doubt changing the world starts and ends with changing yourself but this also implies that these socio-economic structural changes that we wish to bring about need not require the complete abandoning of old systems and adoption of completely new ones. Models which leverage pieces and components of the the old reductionist (and self-centered) ways and adopt new, open and more inter-connected mindsets are the optimal approach to moving forward and landing as softly as possible.

We discuss this approach at some length, and the ethical and spiritual implications of the Metaphysics of Awareness on our latest Snow Cone Diaries entry available here.



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