A Moment

To capture a moment in a word
An essence in a description
A seed in a tree

When the inside and the outside
Begin to blur together
When the ringing raises
As a hummingbird sings
And the colors begin to gray
And the space begins to glow
Like fireflies in the night

As the sun is setting
And the moon takes her place
And air smells fresh and clean
As the tropics will do
With the ocean tint in the air
A slight chill to the sun drenched air

In this space, in this time
The world will reveal itself
As she truly is
Dancing and frolicking
In the evening air

Manifest mind in action she is
The myriad energy forms
The ten thousand things
The drama of life
The pain and the joy

And yet here we find ourselves
In the moonlit night
Watching the divine play unfold
In this gymnasium of the Soul

To live and to learn
To laugh and to cry
To behold her beauty
And rise above it all

Where All is One
And One is All
And we are all saved
And damned at the same time

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