The Image of Man

God made in the image of Man
A reflection of the highest ideal
by definition as it were
Circling each other
Like two big goldfish
In a pool of water
Laying at the feet
of Buddha himself

Many shapes and forms She takes
As the world reflects itself
Out of its Mind
It’s almost as if
She created (name and) form
To engorge herself
To pleasure herself
With body and mind

Whirling dervish
Spin and dance
To the music that we all hear
In this fantastic trance
But who is really divine
And who makes it so?
Is it not we who do this?
In flesh and blood
Establishing the boundaries
of good and evil
The damned and the saved.

This is why we have heroes
Because we need something to hold onto
In this insanity of life
The chaos of suffering
That surrounds us so
These great deeds that are told
These myths of old
A beacon of light
On the dark road
To hold us true
And Inspire us on
Not just to greatness
But through it all to the End
When Judgment comes
And She (finally) stands before us.

For in the End
We must all meet our maker
Face the Face of God
As we withdraw back
To that from which we came
Dust to dust
And Ashes to ashes
No more truth has been told
in the Great Book that is left for us

So show me someone
That faces this great unknown
With fearlessness and courage
Is this not heroic?
Are these ideals not eternal?
What else could be forever?
If not forever itself

So align your thoughts and deeds
To these great Principles
that have guided us
For countless lifetimes
Before Time itself
And cast your die
On that which cannot be seen or heard
But that which could be thought
For what could be higher?
For the ape that thinks
With his plans and designs

The divine Order
Which holds it all together
In the dead of night
While we sleep
While we dream
She who spreads the web
Across the world
When we wake again
To see the sun rise once again

And if She does appear
At the end of the road
That we all travel upon
Greet her kindly
Show her some decency
And respect
For she brought you into this world
And perhaps not surprisingly
Is there at the end
To lead you through the final gate

Sympathy for the Devil
Or so they say
The Image we created
There for our destruction
To show us everlasting Life
As we dissolve into Nothing
And Everything at the same time

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