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Multi-Dimensional Reality

Dimensions exist all around us. Not just in the animal and plant kingdom but even in the human kingdom – the world or war-torn Syria is an altogether different reality than Wall Street finance in NYC is it not? The notion of beings that exist in, and travel to/from, different dimensions of reality doesn’t seem that far-fetched does it? I mean we can get on a plane and go to Syria right now if we wanted (visa process aside). Is this not the multi-dimensional travel they talk about in Science fiction novels? UFOs? Aliens?

Of course there are beings from other dimensions and of course there are interface points between dimensions – space time continuum discontinuities or bursts – tears in the fabric of not space time but tears in the fabric of the (cosmic) quantum energy field. We’ve been documenting their existence throughout all of documented history, and no doubt before that too. We’re literally wired into this Cosmic Quantum Energy Field – whether we believe it or not.

No doubt there are (extra-terrestrial but really multi-dimensional) beings in this place but best not to call them out. If one doesn’t want to take my word for this (and you shouldn’t) you should become familiar with the massive amount of research into the UFO and ET phenomena which is widespread and well constructed at this point, academically speaking. The latest drop of classified material regarding UFOs and ETs that just dropped from the CIA and other secret government agencies should also serve to buttress your views here.

Approach it critically, and skeptically, but what you will find – as we do in Physics with the discovery of Quantum Mechanics in the early 20th century, is that certain constraints regarding our knowledge of reality, what it entails and consists of and what it’s boundaries are, must be relaxed in order to allow for this information to be true. It’s spooky action at a distance except it is actually spooky.

Also watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is amazing, and Space Odyssey 2001 which is also amazing and then the Ridley Scott Prometheus movie which is amazing too.

Now you’re back, great. So we’ve established now that these other dimensions exist and that there do exist beings from these other dimensions, we call them gods or ghosts depending upon context. How to deal with them? Here’s some advice: Keep to yourself and if you have a sage, guru or god or angel that you look up to, idolize in a way (Ramakrishna for example, Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, any will do really as long as they are approached sincerely), pray to them to keep you safe.

For these are strange lands and you know not what beasts and horror lies in their midst. Kali and Shiva have many forms and they are all not wonderful let me tell you.

When I first started meditating one came to me. Scared the bejesus out of me. Not during the meditation but after, in my sleep. [Meditation for me at least is best performed at the most quiet time of evening, when the world is asleep. When the world around you at least is in the realm of dream.] I have had other encounters too, some find them pleasant for me they are terrifying. I have enough problems in this dimension, I do not need problems in others.

Some people don’t have a choice by the way, they are open to these other dimensions and other dimensional beings speak to them because they can sense that they have these ‘abilities’. In these cases you need to find a proper teacher who can guide you in these arts. Sooner the better. There is knowledge there, it is just a path that must be tread lightly.

So here is the metaphysical truth that is yielded once these other dimensions, however we choose to describe or understand them, and that is that while there is no doubt an element of you that is physically bound to your body, this is true yes, but it would be untrue – false in fact – to believe that this was the only thing that made you you.

Your essence runs much deeper than this, more subtle. The proof of this is the collective consciousness, and clairvoyance – for knowledge to pass across the boundaries of time and space such that we know things before they come to pass, in a sense. The knowledge, the event, has a horizon that is not bound by (classical) measures of time and space.

We see this when we look to understand sub-atomic phenomena. There is something strange about this fabric of the universe that connects it through time and space in a way that is fundamental not Classical. Not linear.

We’re dealing with fundamentally non-local phenomena, which implies interconnectivity (entanglement), and some sort of even physical correlation (entanglement again). This field, this metaphysical reality really, this ontological landscape, is the web within which this physical world unfolds. But to not fully appreciate or understand your true place in the cosmos, this vast sea of existence, is to live a life of ignorance (bliss?) within a blissful sea of knowledge.

Studies have even been done for example that show well before selection decisions are made in a closed experimental context, before they could have been made in fact relative the existence of information which would have determined said decision, some sort of brain activity has been identified which predicts which decision is to be made. We effectively know beforehand. [1]

This is the image that has haunted me all these years, the search for the tool – the language (math) to describe the nature of existence such that this level of understanding, this metaphysical reality which I intuitively understood but wanted to communicate somehow – to literally graph along some set of multi-dimensional axes, in a sense this has already been found with quantum mechanics even though this discipline is considered in academic orthodoxy to simply be a tool for measuring datum, i.e. observables (Copenhagen Interpretation).

Yes it’s a very powerful measurement calculator but when you combine its metaphysical implications with the mass and energy equivalence along with the existence of multi-dimensions more generally you are left with an intellectual model – classical physics, objective realism, materialism – whatever you want to call it – that is in need of some serious radical reform.

This model that I was searching for (event modeling across non-linear spacetime) all those years ago, or at least the basis for such model ironically was already found too in a sense, with the universal wave function idea[2]. We are all waves in the fabric of the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field.

Because the field itself does exhibit geometric properties, which we “discover” of course. A variety of them from different angles and perspectives. The elusive unified field theory is just that, the unified (cosmic and quantum) field theory.

These events, these happenings, which occur between and amongst beings in this dimension, have echoes in and across other dimensions. This is how these events are seen before they occur, waves or echoes of the event that are shivering through the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field. Explosions of energy not just in time and space but also in the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field itself.

Like ripples on a pond these events echo from their center in the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field to our dimension, and others probably, with proportional (psychic) force.

Because the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field is knowledge itself, the place where the distinction between the knower and the known is paper thin. And yet it is the flower of life, the key to all knowledge because once it is seen, all knowledge opens to you – this is the thousand petaled lotus. Hang on people.

It opens to us in dreams, and when we take hallucinogenics (fasting and other rites and practices) such that we can truly see, or more intuit than see really – true gnosis.

When I was in grade school I distinctly remember being totally lost in a set of classes designed to teach us what apostrophes were. Like I just couldn’t get it. The teacher spoke about it across two maybe three classes, seemed straightforward, everyone else seemed to get it. Then I distinctly remember, to this day in fact, having a flash of insight that finally showed me what they truly were, what they actually “represented” – replace letters or sets of letters. Simple. Got it now and I never had a problem with the concept since of course.

Plato’s theory of knowledge spoke to this idea in a way, that knowledge generally speaking was innate, already pre-existent and that learning is an unveiling of sorts rather than some sort of discovery. Same would hold true of major scientific advancements in general – Relativity existed before Einstein discovered it. ‘Education is a kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel.’ Socrates is said to have declared.

This idea needs to be taken one step further however to conform with observable (mental) phenomena about knowledge, it comes to us in a sort of spark or kindling. It encapsulates us in a way, in a sheathe of awareness and understanding that is not bound to this form in time and space. This notion of past lives speaks to this, and a perfect example of how this manifests is through prodigies for example. How else do you think Mozart was composing symphonies before the age of 10? Really, how do you think that’s possible?

If we want to understand knowledge then, what it is and its relationship to our being, we need to invert our understand and relationship to knowledge itself. This is how the ancients saw knowledge. Back to the beginning again.

[1] https://www.wired.com/2008/04/mind-decision/

[2]  Hugh Everett, Relative State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics, Reviews of Modern Physics vol 29, (1957) pp 454–462. An abridged summary of The Theory of the Universal Wavefunction

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