The Tree of Life

We are the tree of life

And by eating it’s fruit
We took human form
And through our humanity
We experience the world

As a world of desire and pain
And suffering and loss
And joy and exuberance
And life and death

All two sides of the same coin
Yin and yang
Yang and yin
Dancing into eternity
Together forever

The snake eating it’s own tail
Oh great Maya
Have mercy on our souls
With your thousand arms
You hold this world together
And hold the veil over our eyes

For our own good presumably
Opening it little by little
Like the way a child learns to eat
Or walk or run
And it’s mother finally releases him
Ever so gently into the world

Blinded by lust and greed
We have forgotten who we are
That we chose to be here
That we chose to forget

When we ate the forbidden fruit
When we disobeyed God
To taste the fruit
It’s juices and nourishment
We have forgotten ourselves

Only to find them again
Hidden behind the veil
Inside ourselves
In the holographic projection
That we call the world

And as a child is finally released
From his mother’s breast
We are allowed to see again
When the desires all fall away
And we see that we are the Tree

And it is no fault of the snake
Or Eve for that matter
We are the tree
And we are the fruit

Want to get back to the Garden?
Let’s go together…
Hari Om tat sat.
Thou art that my friend

And this whole Tree thing
Will show you the way
Or at least how we got here
For we truly are the tree of life

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