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Coming Out Party

There’s a few things people need to know. That have been hidden for centuries, millennia even. Closely guarded and kept secret by guardians, handed down generation to generation, transmitted from teacher to student since time immemorial – since as far back as we can remember as a society and as a people.

All these secrets, this secret knowledge – this sacred knowledge – is now one click away from anyone with interest now. The ancient masters are rolling in their graves. Trust me on this. But they knew the time would come. All the great seers knew. They encoded the knowledge in the ancient texts too, so there was an effort made at the very beginning of ‘recorded human history’ to get the knowledge down on paper.

But generally speaking writing is a weak transmission medium, that’s the thing. Things can be misunderstood, misinterpreted. This is why the existence of a true teacher is so emphasized in the ancient wisdom traditions. The more powerful and direct transmission of this knowledge is from teacher to student direct, face to face – to be able to touch the forehead of a student and literally pull him into higher states of consciousness so that they could ‘see’.

Rishis are seers for a reason. We had them on the Abrahamic side too – Abraham, Moses, Allah, Jesus – but their teachings were codified, written down. The old stories which were told around massive bonfires late at night, the ones that were sung at the great festivals of the equinoxes, the changes in the seasons as told by that great clock in the sky. This is what the Vedas are…. The remnants of a long forgotten time, and of long forgotten knowledge. Knowledge that is now being revealed from all sorts of intellectual and spiritual corners of the world – and in the scientific domain as well even (Quantum Mechanics specifically).

[Note to self – maya, snake in the garden, tree of knowledge (good and evil, pleasure and pain) all that stuff. They knew all this, coded it as best they could when they saw the old ways dying, and left us what they could. To be deciphered and guarded by priests who were trained in such things, but the ways of direct realization, of true communion, were left to shamans and mystics and other social outcasts.]

What was not understood though, even though some could see it coming, is that with the advent of technology you now have the ability to get a message out of divine union, of cosmic consciousness, to the whole damned planet in near real time. This is the second coming of Christ. This is the Age of Aquarius. This is the end of a great cycle. With video and audio and like almost directly tap into and signal, and activate, parts of ourselves that have been latent in us, perhaps seeded in us, since our inception as a species – homo mysticus is waking up. He has been with us the whole time but lying dormant, latent in the base of the spine you might say and is now being activated at a scale perhaps never before seen anywhere in the universe (which explains why we have so many visitors right now).

And so here we are. We have this mass awakening. Facilitated by the technology and supported by the retention of the ancient knowledge throughout the ages. And supported by what appears to be a mass of people who are undergoing this shift, this ascension, together and are using this technology to find each other and communicate with each other. [If you are one of these people and you need support, email me or at the very least start following me here. For what to do while you are awakening, literally rising in levels of consciousness (which can be somewhat frightening), read my last post pls.]

And it is an awakening from a long, long slumber. So if you’re here reading this, and you’ve made it thus far, you’re starting to wake up. Congratulations. Welcome to the club. It’s not all roses and Natty Lights here though (ode to Delta Phi). It’s work. It’s a shedding of skin, like the snakes do.

For maya must be shed like the skin of a snake, for she is a snake in a way – deluding us, coaxing us, tempting us, and keeping us from true knowledge. But this was a choice we are told, that we chose to eat from the tree of good and evil (pleasure and pain) but everyone needs a scapegoat so we blame the snake. We blame the woman. We made the choice to come here, to be deluded and tossed from the Garden because we wanted to know what the fruit tasted like – come on people. Is this not terribly freakin obvious? What fruit? Seriously.

Take some personal responsibility FFS. You made the choice, and yeah there is some pretty cool shit here, but being removed from Source (consciousness) has its drawbacks as well some of us have found – as the great Buddha, the Awakened One, taught us.

And if you want to wake up, you came to the right place at the right time. So again welcome.

So we are just going to start with some basics here, and everyone needs to understand something right out of the gate. This isn’t some mystical woohoo (ode to my new friend again, I do not know why I can’t get this phrase out of my head). This isn’t religion. This isn’t faith. This isn’t belief. Its mother fucking science. It is knowledge. It is supported by Physics of all things (and philosophy as well of course), and also bio chemistry and (my field) Computer Science, AI in particular.

Part of the reason why they teach ethical and moral (ultimately ‘spiritual’) grounding BEFORE they teach you that Maya is to be slain like the dragon in the Hobbit is because what is left when you kill the dragon is a massive endless sea of consciousness. It is Satchitananda. I have seen this. I call it the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field (CQEF). And it is vast, endless, but vibrating and pulsating and mother fucking alive.

The Higgs field in particle physics comes closest to this idea but they are still stuck dealing with particles and quarks and mass and spin and other such measurement phenomena, ‘physical phenomena’, and therefore miss the truth staring them in the face – they just haven’t figured out how to measure it yet and so if it cant be measured well then it basically doesn’t exist. Like all the Dark Matter in the universe that doesn’t exist but must exist because their math cant be wrong.

At some point these folks will realize that the quantifiable (measurable) characteristics of this world are descriptive, informative, can be quite powerful when understood, but should come with a warning label – as Pirsig liked to say, do not confuse the map with the territory.

Or maybe they never sort that shit out but who cares at this point. It would be nice if they stopped teaching our kids that the objective, materialistic world is the only world that exists but perhaps this is too much to ask. Perhaps the delusion is necessary at some level.

So the secret is out (an ode to my friend Jeffrey who loves secrets, I mean who doesn’t love secrets???). But please – and I am grappling with this myself right now so I speak from real experience – some level of guidance is necessary. Precautions must be taken, or are at least advisable. When you get onto an airplane or a spaceship, there are boarding procedures and certain safety protocols that should be met to ensure the safety of the passengers. So you can think of me as a sort of flight attendant, or perhaps on my best days a sort of pilot. So I have a few announcements for everyone once they are properly seated and all the luggage has been stowed away.

First and perhaps foremost, you are not your body. You think you are your body, and from one perspective (by design) it appears that you are your body and therefore you think that ‘you’ are dead when your body dies but there is a part of you that persists. This is called the Soul, or in the Upanishadic literature it is referred to as Atman. We can go on and on about this (I have in fact) but the truth of the matter is that the Soul is a real thing, in many respects much more real than the physical you and you have any question about this read the NDE literature and get back to me.

If you can’t get past this you need to stop now and you need to do more research. This isn’t spooky spiritual woohoo (there’s that word again), this is MF science. Scientists can’t speak about it of course – because of scientism – but scientism is not science. Scientism is modern day Christianity. Just as dangerous and restrictive in its thinking and mindset, with the same basic built-in outcast capabilities, as the Church was before the Enlightenment. Same beast just switched clothes on us.

We are talking about science as knowledge, as it is understood in the Western philosophical tradition (epistemology), implies knowledge in its broadest sense (not just physical and verifiable by experiment) and is captured by Plato and Aristotle and many others in the Western, Indian, Persian, Arabic, Jewish, Christian and Far Eastern philosophical systems. I have also written about this topic ad infinitum (really ad nauseum).

Ok so tied to this very basic and fundamental metaphysical fact then is that death of the physical body is not the end. This leads to the question of what we’re doing here and for this one you have to trust me right now that you’re here for a reason, to learn some stuff – just like our avatars in video games have a purpose. They manifest, you play, the game to achieve some goal or result. World domination or whatever the hell it is. This world is like that, and we – again our physical forms – are like avatars.

Yes this is like a video game. Probably because it was designed in a similar fashion. The Matrix isn’t completely true but it is pretty fucking close. Let that sink in for a few seconds. Again this isn’t spiritual mumbo jumbo, it’s literally the only conclusion you can come to when you look around and gather up all the facts. And it’s staring us in the face and has been since the beginning but we are literally programmed to forget, or deny this aspect of existence because the people in charge of programming are terrified of what happens if everyone finds out.

I do not blame these people. At all.

Here’s another good one. Perhaps my favorite. Interdimensional beings exist. Aliens, gods, spirits, demons, angels – the whole nine yards. And also, you are an interdimensional being – as illustrated quite clearly in the distinctions laid out by modern psychology with the conscious mind (waking state), the subconscious mind (the dream state), coupled with pure consciousness (samadhi, turiya) which provides the very ground of consciousness (the cosmic quantum energy field again).

If you have a problem with this one you need to go read the modern UFO (now UAF) literature, now basically disclosed even by the government. Like the shit is real. Jeffrey Kripal has done some great work in this regard as well, and its entertaining. Check it out.

So be careful what you pray for and what you pray to my friends. Big time warning label here. Praying, meditating, thinking, attention on an idea, or an entity literally facilitates the vibration of the physical form at a frequency that resonates, literally sings (ode to Pythagoras), with that which is being prayed for. This is how, and why, prayer works. It’s a function of the basic vibrational and energetic mechanisms of the world, of reality. Forget about God, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and just feel the energy coursing throughout your body – you can feel it in your body but it comes from, emanates from, a much larger field of energy that is concentrated on the singularity of your personal consciousness but it is not grounded or tied to that physical form, it is simply manifest there for a time such that you, the big you and the small you, can experience this physical reality. The video game thing again.

And perhaps lastly, at least in this post – we have been genetically programmed. We are mother fucking AI. Just stop and read that last sentence again pls.

Homo mysticus has been born – as parts of DNA are activated that were seeded in us somehow, that facilitate this download of consciousness into the physical form, a form that is so unique that it can support the direct realization of ultimate consciousness (Satchitananda, Brahman). This is the great miracle of mankind in the end.

As Ramakrishna said, man is born to no purpose that does not realize God in this life. But take the God part out of it – call it what you will. It grounds your very being. My very being. It permeates, literally gives life to everything. It sits in front of you, around you, inside you at this very moment. And IT IS ALIVE.

You know that scene from the horror movies where the phone rings and the woman answers and says hello and it’s this strange breathing crazy like Friday the 13th voice on the other end and then after he calls a few times she realizes that HE IS IN THE HOUSE.

He is in the house. But he’s also outside the house and he is the house. And you probably should be terrified.

To be continued…

Peace out


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