Many of you can feel the shift right now… the shift in consciousness. Starts as a kind of leveling of awareness – the stark picture that is drawn of society when the pandemic hits, the sudden fear based mode of living that kicks in as a reaction to an external threat such as the virus presents, and then a sort of collective inward turning that emerges from this – a kind of kickback of the pandemic you might say that has allowed space for some reflection and the reinforcing of man’s relationship with oneself. One Self. One-self…..



It’s a spiritual shift yes, the prana or life force – the chi – that flows within us, surrounds, us, powers us – but this energy field is a field of consciousness, and we are the miracle of (a) singularity of this consciousness, that appears to be intelligently designed (read Homo Mysticus for more on this). And the part is related to the whole and vice versa – this holographic matrix obeys certain laws, non-physical laws which do not violate (in fact they support) physical laws but laws nonetheless and therefore the study of such phenomenon is scientific inquiry and this study of awareness, consciousness as the primordial principle in the universe, through which matter itself manifests, is the new science. It’s the cutting edge science and it brings us back to the very beginnings of civilization in terms of a restructuring of the mindset to properly understand the meaning and significance of this knowledge within the context of Knowledge in general (read Theology Reconsidered for more on this).

The point I am making is that this isn’t spiritual woohoo (shout out to my new friend), this is science – to KNOW. Thats what the bloody word means so don’t let the physicists and chemists and neurosurgeons with all their fancy equipment tell you what science is. You know what the most amazing piece of equipment in the known universe (known physical universe at least) is? It’s human beings. It’s us. It’s me and you (and a dog named boo). Trust yourself for heaven’s sake. Sit for a minute and listen for the voice inside your head…. Can you hear it??? What’s it saying?

If you yield to this new science, understand it and study it, what you will find is that the world as we know it isn’t quite what it appears to be and if you understand it better, this holographic matrix that we are projected into somehow in physical form, you can live more in harmony with it and thereby bring harmony into your own self, the selves of those around you and even the world at large (the butterfly effect).

So a few tips for the ride ahead (don’t ask me how I know this, sources are mostly TT videos and voices so proceed with caution and trust yourself (your Self).

First, calm the fuck down. Everything is going to be fine, the world is not ending and the government isn’t coming for your guns (or if they are then maybe you shouldn’t have so many guns or watch those fringe YouTube sites so much. Like stop shooting people man, seriously just stop).

Second, try and stay away from lower energy activities, foods or people. If it doesn’t feel right, if it causes you anxiety, if it gives you heart burn, try and minimize your exposure to it as best you can. Not everyone has all the flexibility in the world to move around the world as they please though so this should be done judiciously and without any major, radical shifts in how you lead your life – that is to say, responsibilities are responsibilities and these are important for the functioning of your family and society and should not be ignored.

Third, try to cultivate a relationship with your inner self. This doesn’t have to be meditation – this can be going for walks, runs, hikes, bikes…. Any of that stuff to just get you going and change your perspective, and neuropsychology, for a few minutes. At least three times a week I’d say for a minimum of 15-20 min – that isn’t an exercise regimen that’s a minimum requirement for connecting with your higher self and ensuring you keep a solid grounding while the shift is occurring. Its like wearing a seatbelt in a fast moving car, you don’t have to do it but the ride is more smooth and safe if you do.

And lastly, let’s try and enjoy the ride a but too. No need to be so somber and serious all the time (note to self). But be mindful that first and foremost you want to hold yourself up as best you can, the support is necessary, but remember that we are in a special time, and you’re in a special place (if you’re reading this) and we are here for a reason. I’m pretty certain of this at this point.

Namaste my brothers and sisters


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