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What is the nature of Being?

Aristotle’s philosophy, his metaphysics at least, is underpinned by his notion of being (óntōs), and the study of that which constitutes said being, being qua being as it is typically referred to in the Western philosophical tradition. It is from this idea, this fundamental principle, upon which not only is his metaphysics constructed but his epistemological position as well, from which he derives his theory of causality.

Aristotle’s description ‘the study of being qua being’ is frequently and easily misunderstood, for it seems to suggest that there is a single (albeit special) subject matter—being qua being—that is under investigation. But Aristotle’s description does not involve two things—(1) a study and (2) a subject matter (being qua being)—for he did not think that there is any such subject matter as ‘being qua being’. Rather, his description involves three things: (1) a study, (2) a subject matter (being), and (3) a manner in which the subject matter is studied (qua being).

Aristotle’s Greek word that has been Latinized as ‘qua’ means roughly ‘in so far as’ or ‘under the aspect’. A study of x qua y, then, is a study of x that concerns itself solely with the y aspect of x. So Aristotle’s study does not concern some recondite subject matter known as ‘being qua being’. Rather it is a study of being, or better, of beings—of things that can be said to be—that studies them in a particular way: as beings, in so far as they are beings.[1]

This is metaphysics how Aristotle saw it, the study of the nature of being, and it was more inclusive, more coherent in fact, than Plato’s world of Being and Becoming, which effectively bifurcated the physical and spiritual realms. If we are studying ‘being’ we are covering a lot more than just (what appears to be) physical reality. We are looking at the man behind the machine here, Aristotle’s first philosophy.

But what does it look like? When some perspective is gained and you can step out of Plato’s Cave, even just for a moment…

The question as to what is real is that all of it is – the subtle and the gross, and each world is governed by sets of laws, independent sets of laws although some laws cross over, or manifest between different realms you might call them (enter King Arthur land for a moment). The psychic world is non-local, but it manifests in the local, physical and gross world which is governed by its own laws (Physics primarily).

But the psyche is where the two worlds meet, literally and figuratively. And the dream world is the place where the cosmic field of consciousness provides the foundations for the gross world, and where psychic interactions – you can think of them as people jumping on trampolines which are reverberating force across the field itself beyond the specific local position.

Much the same way gravity bends spacetime, these psychic events that ‘carry more weight’ also bend cosmic spacetime and reverberate to the gross world beyond just when they occur – there is a lead up, an occurrence, manifestation of an event and then the echo of that event. More psychically potent events have bigger echoes – echoes that go (in the gross world) both backward and forward in (linear) space time but in the subtle world, the world of consciousness it is more of an energetic event which reverberates through the field as a function of its psychic power.

An event in this dimension, and dimension unfortunately is probably the best term to use to describe these ‘worlds’, [there are many worlds, we are told], has reverberations in the next. The more subtle, given orthogonal framework of space and time, sits on top of this world in a sense, behind it, supporting it. And as such events manifest in this world in space and time, linear space and time, and have supporting structures, analogs you might call them, in the other world.

This explains how people here in this dimension, who are more tuned into the higher dimensions, can see beyond standard classical spacetime boundaries. See things in the future, in dreams or otherwise. It explains Jung’s synchronicity, for this other dimension seeds (is connected to) both our mental and physical worlds. They are fundamentally connected at this higher dimension. It’s a Physics, it’s just not our Physics. NB This isn’t the multi-verse, this is something entirely different. These aren’t the simultaneous existence of parallel worlds, these are structurally different universes where fundamentally different laws apply. I am speaking of just one, but again I understand there are many and I have no reason to doubt it given my own experience.

Synchronicity usually defined as causal connection of events that have meaning but it’s an understatement – it’s more of an intuitive feeling, a knowledge, of the truth of something that manifests in the physical world at the same time along multiple channels – thought and maybe an artifact or something. Like considering the crucifixion of Christ as a gateway to expanded consciousness while driving and looking up and seeing a crucifixion on the side of the road in front of a church.

It is no accident that singularity and synchronicity sound similar – they are different descriptions of the same experience, one shrouded in inter-dimensional meaning. It’s a break in the fabric of space time, it’s a worm hole – and we have the mathematics for it. Thanks to Hawking. 

Only problem is it may not just be an enormously massive energy source that emits (hawking) radiation. Maybe it’s this Hawking radiation which maintains the universal existence in some way??? Maybe this is the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field (CQEF)? Abraham was shown 32 dimensions no doubt but ultimately it must all rest on the unity of consciousness, from whose spirit moved the waters – the waters and CQEF seem to have some correlation too here.

These cosmic events, that break through these ‘barriers’ of time and space, but these barriers themselves are illusions are they not? Necessary ones for this propagation of the Lila of the Lord, his play. This is what I drew so long ago in my very first notebooks, these caverns of energy that open up, throng which ‘the grand perspective’ is known. Only for the veil to slip back just as quickly as it opened. Just a peek through to the other side so that you don’t accidentally fall through. 

The study of being, back to Aristotle then, is the study of the entire field of consciousness from the gross to the subtle. This is first philosophy – back to the time before the mystics split from the academics. A time that persisted in some circles straight through to the Enlightenment, after which mysticism was abandoned as non-scientific. Relegated to religion, a subjective field of study which was interesting from an anthropological and social perspective but not the ordained truth that it had held itself out to be for so many centuries. How many times must we learn?

It persisted in the East though, and was kept alive primarily in India – perhaps its greatest export in modern times. And when Yoga, Vedanta was brought to the West (Vivekananda, late nineteenth / early twentieth century), a door opened again that was once closed. And the philosophical and mystical practices of the East, of India primarily, that had been kept alive for millennia, were recast in new form for the West. And here we are, a practitioner of said arts, an initiate in the mysteries of the universe in the tradition of Ramakrishna, following the line from Holy Mother to Swami Nikhilananda to Swami Adiswarananda, professing to you the truth of the teachings.

Yes God is dead (Nietzsche) and yes we need great men (and women) to show us the way now (ubermensch) but we always did. This is one of the differences between Eastern and Western religion – the Eastern way is a series of avatars that manifest when the time is right, when the message is needed again, to show folks the way, the truth. In the West they had Christ, and it was Christ that Nietzsche proclaimed the death of (again), not God – or at least not Satcitānanda which is undying, or at least undying as far as we know that which cannot be fully known.

Question is which ubermensch should we follow and what is this truth?

This “metaworld”, this implicate order (Bohm) underpins the gross world in a very real sense, gives it life, provides its essence – the gross world would not stand without it – but it’s so subtle that it is very difficult to recognize it in the gross world. As children we are exposed to it but it is effectively beaten out of us by the time we are adolescents. It is only the most sensitive souls that can feel this world, that are comfortable in its sweeping landscapes and vistas, such that they continue to have a more conscious direct relationship with it as they get older. Or it can be brought about by traumatic events too of course, or psychedelics open the doors (of perception) as well.

Ramakrishna speaks of these other worlds quite vividly as well, the idea of reincarnation is also founded upon this understanding of the world. Karma is a cosmic law that crosses over, a sort of conservation of energy law across this multi-dimensional (spiritual and physical primarily) reality.

Our world is much closer to Science fiction than you might think, which is an odd thing to think about. If we really understood? We would yield power no doubt (will to power again), but to what end if not to help humanity? That’s been part of my case all along really – let me in, I mean well. And over time, as Ramakrishna teaches with devotion and a sense of real urgency, she will let you in. Just a touch, but enough to wet the appetite and get you begging for more. This is the divine intoxication that Ramakrishna speaks of and the mystic eroticism of Kripal. Yes that is also a thing.

But its even more basic than that – these other dimensions, these interfaces with them, are all around us. Look at all the different species on this plant? The birds? Cows? Apes, our ancestors. Chimpanzees… Are they not all different dimensions of reality? Are we not all connected? When we look at those ancient cave carvings, those buffalo and beasts shivering on the walls of those dark caverns, were we not calling out to our ancient cousins and brethren, asking for a sacrifice. For the sustenance of life. Life for a life as it were.

This is part of what was lost when the pagan beliefs were wiped out, when mysticism was driven underground, shamans were laid waste too (burning of witches). When the ancient wisdom was stamped out for all intents and purposes. Kept alive by India throughout the centuries and protected as (one of) its most essential exports. How Ramakrishna was able to find a place in 19th century Bengal to teach and practice spiritual disciplines. To have them documented and transferred to the West. To keep the flame alive.

And if all these different animal dimensions, forms of life, that have different customs and forms of communication. Different laws you might say – which interface with each other. Ancient clashes of civilizations, of the prey and predator. The great cosmic dance, circle of life sort of thing. Why would it be so hard to conceive of higher, more subtle dimensions to which this more gross, physical world is connected to in some cosmic, mystical way.

These are our modern-day alien life forms, who have perhaps shown themselves now more than ever to ensure that we do not destroy ourselves. These gods of old, that were embedded in the ancient mythos and prayed to, offered sacrifices to, were absolutely convinced that were real. So easy to dismiss these ancient beliefs as foolish or naïve. Were they? Why are we still haunted by these strange beings even today? They are not all lying, the documented UFO and alien abduction literature is well documented now. Again Kripal is a good source of this material.[2]

The idea that animals aren’t sentient beings is ridiculous. You could make the case for insects as well, and trees and plants. Are these not other worlds? We want to suggest that these sentient beings have no Soul? Only someone that does not know the Soul would suggest that. Another ridiculous notion is that our lives are not dependent upon these sentient beings for existence – of course we are. We harvest these beings for food, for sustenance. You want to believe that it isn’t possible that we are being harvested as well? The height of ignorance perhaps…[3]

So the question is not whether or not this other world, dimension, exists, or that more generally whether or not other dimensions of reality exists – they absolutely do, the evidence for it is overwhelming. The crossing of spacetime boundaries as a primary example (clairvoyance) but also the existence of animal, insect and plant kingdoms here on Earth with us. The possibility of the existence of higher dimensional beings? I would suggest that is much more highly probable that they do exist rather than they don’t. Humans are the most evolved species in the universe? I think not.

The fact that they have been here since the very dawn of civilization, reflected by the modern mythos of alien abduction which a direct line can be drawn to the Hellenic Greek myths – like for example Zeus laying with mortal women in dreams. The land of legend where the gods dwell. The immortals that envy us for we can directly experience pleasure and pain. And yet our world is characterized by suffering at its core – Buddha struck the right cord there I would think.

In antiquity we hear many tales of the gods crossing over to our world (dreams) – is this not an alien abduction tale at its core? A cosmic type of event, an immaculate conception. A miracle. These are all things apparently. Real things which is insane to think about. All those tales we read and were told as a kid. Kripal gets into the alien phenomenon and modern cultural mythos (DC and Marvel universe stuff) quite a bit – but the connection between Hellenic mythos and the modern alien phenomenon is striking to say the least. These gods have been there since the beginning is my point. Whether or not they seeded our species from the start is a different question but one could certainly argue strongly that the ancients believed this to be true – Genesis, Hellenic cosmogony, etc.

We are drawing that line here. Fight me.

So to truly understand this world we live in – the one we eat and breath in, sleep in and have sex in – we need to recognize its inter-dimensionality and understand its laws so we can ultimately function better within the system. We want to go with the flow here, not fight the universe whenever possible as this usually doesn’t end well for us. This ties into the harmony of the spheres idea, that social and natural interactions also determine our overall well-being and if these things ae out of balance then we are usually suffering.

And as I have said before, to get a more fundamental critique as it were of reality, our best bet is to go well before the intellectual split between Science and religion. To explore the initial model of the universe before physics came to dominate our understanding, our worldview, given its power. But this power is also the power to destroy ourselves – mutually assured destruction they call it. What the actual fuck. There is a reason these secrets of power are protected after all.

[1] Cohen, S. Marc and C. D. C. Reeve, “Aristotle’s Metaphysics”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2020 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <https://plato.stanford.edu/archives/win2020/entries/aristotle-metaphysics/>.

[2] Kripal, Jeffrey. 2010. Authors of the Impossible. University of Chicago Press, 2010. l. Chapter 3: The Future Technology of Folklore: Jacque Vallee and the UFO Phenomenon.

[3] See Joe Rogan Alex Jones podcast; Joe Rogan Experience #1255 – Alex Jones Returns! Streamed live on Feb 27, 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5yh2HcIlkU&t=14618s.

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  1. alec.martin.fraher
    alec.martin.fraher says:

    for me finding a language for loving-kindness is, it would seem, always just out of phenomenonal reach yet always available and anew…. I find that the inherent gaps evident in the shifting ground of the notion of entelechy are poorly grasped. I turned to Roy Bhaskar’s treatment of transcendentalism and found something but not loving-kindness… more void……

    this is a great contribution that you are making and I thank you for your efforts which are very much appreciated and welcome…

    I try, however clumsy, to act on the basis of our unspoken conviction to one another yet with the constant implied threat of humiliation and embarrassment and/or stand accused of manipulation and cajole….

    the issues of domination and power or the how of will and will not remain ellusive

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