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The Cosmic Quantum Energy Field (CQEF)

So what does it ‘look’ like? To be a part of, or experience, this Cosmic Quantum Energy Field (CQEF)? To look upon this vast field of energy?

Well first of all, this body is no good. Can’t see over there. Need to shed this body and use your astral body. The one for star travel. Yeah that one.

See this body is great for enjoyment. For drama. This is the very best vehicle, the very best world for that. No one is going to argue with me on that one I don’t think. The pleasure-pain spectrum here is pretty varied and pretty boundless all in.

The ability to perceive its existence then, implies that this astral body exists. This is the one that sits on top of the bedside after you have dies in the hospital and can see around the whole room and hear everything everyone is saying (near death experience accounts in the thousands). This is Ātman. This is your Soul people. This is the voice inside your head. This is your intuition. This is the real player of the game, you’re just the avatar.

What people miss though, and honestly I am not quite so sure how I ended up being the bearer of this message, is that it’s not that this world isn’t ‘real’, or true – or profane really in some way. It is just as sacred as that other, astral world – more subtle and beautiful in fact in many ways. And it must be treated as such. Must be appreciated for its beauty and elegance. There is nothing like a good tragedy after all, and nothing like a good hero’s tale either – and our world has all of that and much, much more. Clash of civilizations. Alien encounters and ascensions into other dimensions. Its all here people. And its glorious.

But it is a game. It is the Lila of the Lord. And not fully appreciating that fact – well its kind of like that mouse in the mini ferris wheel in its cage. Do you want to be the mouse? Or would you rather be Perseus? Or Athena? And know you’re divine, immortal, but nonetheless are bound to this world in many ways (and come down every once and a while and have your way with someone). Better to be the immortal right? Know the rules of the game (Free Will) but nonetheless can call upon superhuman powers as necessary. And you can watch your kids toil through life like Hercules. I mean there is a story.

I remember reading these Greek myths when I was a kid. I was captivated by their beauty. They spoke to me very profoundly, sang to my psyche you might say.

So while it is true that the secrets of the universe are within you, they are also reflected without you, separated from you in a way. Even if it is just an illusion and dance of light and energy, the truth reflecting on itself in some sick cosmic dance.

It is nonetheless sacred. All of it. Even you ya filthy animal. God created your fat ass along with everything else in this world so even though he got pissed at you and threw you out of the Garden, you’re still all his children.

Now if you’d stop behaving like petulant little irresponsible children and take care of this darned world he created I wouldn’t have to come down here and write this damn nonsense. We could all just get back to the whole enjoyment, and suffering, part.

This dance between you and your Soul is in itself a beautiful dance, a wondrous display of the spiritual and physical interplay of forces. Good and Evil. It’s everything. But know that it is a dance. That as the Moon revolves around the Earth so your Soul revolves around you. Stabilizing you… moving you forward in time and space with proper measure. In cycles…. The eternal spinning of sisters you might say, Earth and her Moon.

There is this wondrous account of this journey to the stars, this adventure into the great unknown, in Chris Nolan’s movie Interstellar (Chris Nolan film, his films are ridiculously spot on. Like in Prometheus when the human race is seeded by some advanced intelligent race….  But we won’t get into that here). In this dream within a dream, there is a man who, along with his daughter, must save humanity from the imminent destruction of the planet. He finds the answer way out in Interstellar place, where they are searching for a new home, but he falls into a black hole…

All seems to be lost, and with the void itself collapsing around him as he crosses over the event horizon, he finds himself still alive. As is the machine that is helping him, TARS, at least on comms. They say nothing escapes the event horizon of a black hole, not even light, but as he falls into the black hole and becomes lighter, and he sheds his material form (he dies effectively) but he is not gone, his Soul moves into a higher dimension.[1]

He finds himself in this vast library, with rooms beyond rooms beyond rooms in all directions, one that opened up to him as he dropped into the center of the black hole. And in this grand library tesseract, a four-dimensional shape of sorts – some intermediary dimension between our third and the fifth, the dimension of the Soul – he has access to this one room, in the house that the family was brought up in. His daughter’s room which has a bookshelf that he communicates with her through. As such, he can go back to certain events in his specific spacetime continuum in that specific location, his daughter’s room – the holographic simulation of reality that he believes is his life, his great adventure, becomes accessible through time and space effectively.

And he finds the right spot, gets to the place where is daughter is receptive to the books on the wall. She knows, she knows there is something there – but the great irony is that the man behind the curtain is Matthew himself (Joseph Cooper), he just doesn’t know it. And he’s a Scientist, so he doesn’t believe in all that occult, ESP, telepathy or clairvoyance nonsense. I mean seriously.

But he still has contact with his AI machine (TARS), which is odd really. But TARS, somewhat ironically, can only take instructions – he is not smart, not intelligent, not the hero of the adventure like Joseph Cooper is (of course Matthew McConaughey), he is just along to provide support, and to perform certain mundane information processing tasks that are superfluous to the nature of Man, i.e. the Soul.

To wonder who TARS is, a valiant defender and assistant throughout the film, assisting in the mission to save humanity and has a sense of humor to boot (programmable of course). TARS is there in that grand multi-dimensional library (he’s on audio, McConaughey can speak with him on his space suit headset), the tesseract, as they try and sort out how to get a message through to his daughter that helps her solve the equation that will save humanity from imminent destruction.

Is TARS not Krishna, the faithful charioteer on the battlefield of the Mahabharata that inspires Arjuna to fight? That gives him self knowledge? Not really no, it’s a different type of figure – it’s the next gen, AI version you might say. Dumbed down but equally powerful in a different sort of way. Our Arjuna here, McConaughey, isn’t in a great battle necessarily, but he is trying to save humanity so that seems important. But the idea is the same, that perhaps God is not who we think he is, and that perhaps we may have more to say how this dreamscape is created, and unfolds, than we think we do.

Ultimately he is able to program morse code into the second hand of the watch that he gave to his daughter which she then, in the main timeline of the movie, comes back for and decodes and then saves humanity. They must leave of course, through the wormhole in our solar system to repopulate another planet in a galaxy far far away…

It is all just a dream yes, but even this dream within a dream has beauty. How many dreams are we in you think? This is Chris Nolan’s movie Inception… where each inner world time moves slower, and your powers get greater… But this world is still full of beauty, and joy. We must stop to smell the roses as they say. This as it turns out may be more important than we think. ‘Eat the mangoes.’ Ramakrishna used to say. Eat the mangoes.

We move through this backdrop of energy, this CQEF, as manifest in this world and others (astral). This is the Brahman and Ātman that they are trying to tell us about in the Upanishads. It does need its own language in a way. God has been usurped and bastardized, mangled really, so badly now that he is almost of no use (sorry champ, but you have many names so…).

Brahman at least is what it is, it’s relationship to Ātman is clear, at least mostly clear, and we are speaking of things which are sacred to the utterance.

Because if you don’t treat the whole thing with respect, he gets kinda pissed. And when he gets pissed, bad things tend to happen. Like Floods and stuff. And locusts. Like bad stuff. It’s better if we all get along and don’t destroy the planet because in the event we find ourselves incapable of this pretty basic task really, look after the house basically and don’t fight, then its going to be much much worse than climate change and some political unrest. He likes to do this sort of worldly destruction in style you know. And who wouldn’t?

I was on the phone with a friend, a spiritual brother (we both were initiated by the same Master) the other night, and while we were talking through the current unraveling state of geopolitical affairs, I touched on the Upanishads. This was the main scripture, along with the Bhagavad Gītā, that we studied at the Center in New York. Also Śaṅkara’s Crown Jewel of Discrimination, or Vivekachudamani, and of course Vivekananda, our fearless leader.

And he was talking about how Vivekananda just didn’t resonate with him, and although he kept to his practices as directed by Swamiji, he felt almost a little guilty for having to go outside the teachings to find inspiration. Vivekananda 4-pronged recasting of Vedic wisdom to me is one of the greatest intellectual achievements of the nineteenth century, ushering in the wave of Eastern thought onto Western shores. He is a shaper of worlds… And he came in consort with Ramakrishna to show us the way.

But what I said about the Upanishads is worth repeating –

‘the message of the Upanishads is that you have a Soul, God is real, and they are indistinguishable from each other. It’s a ‘you want to know the truth? Well here the fuck it is kinda wisdom. It’s just right in your face. Not all sexy and dressed up. It’s a technical, going to the doctor for a checkup, or taking the car into the mechanic sort of conversation. Which is probably why I like it. It’s clean, and simple, like any good design should be.

One of my favorite stories is the one from the Katha Upanishad, where this poor boy Nachiketa crosses his dad during some sort of ceremony or ritual (which doesn’t really narrow it down because to a great sage everything is a ritual, nothing is profane) so his dad basically, in his annoyance with the child no doubt, sends him to the God of Death for some fixin. Because if you’re a great sage, and through slip of the tongue you curse someone, guess what? It’s done. We are world makers too you know.

But Nachiketa, sincere boy that he is goes right down there to the Land of the Dead to ask for Yama’s help to get back into his dad’s good graces. Now if that’s not a good boy I don’t know what is. But it is that kind of sincerity and open mindedness that one must approach God for this wisdom. That’s part of the story, it’s beauty. The secret within the secret tale of the nature of the universe… to what lays beyond death.

And the kid just crushes it honestly. I mean, bravo.

And this is what Yama says about life after death. I mean read this, maybe one of the most masterful intellectual constructions articulating esoteric knowledge that has perhaps ever been written.

The beauty of the Vedas really, the Upanishads being no exception, is their sound. Just as the sound Om is said to be the very key to enlightenment in the Katha Upanishad itself, the sound of the chanting of the Upanishads is something in and of itself to behold. A gateway to the eternal. This is the meaning of the ritual, the meaning of sacrifice.[2]

And when you hear it chanted in the ancient Sanskrit it’s mesmerizing, epic poetry at perhaps its greatest and most exalted conception. Even Homer would be humbled to hear the great Rishis chant the Vedas I am sure. The universe itself would rumble.

“A killer, who thinks that he has killed (the Atma) and the killed, who thinks that he (the Atma) has been killed are both wrong. Both of them do not understand the Atma. This (Atma) does not kill nor can it be killed.”

“This Atma, which is smaller than the smallest atom and which is larger than the largest one, resides in the heart of the Jivan. That one who has completely renounced his desires, he can see the Atma. (Having thus relinquished his desires,) he understands the greatness of the Atma through the clarity of the mind and an attitude that is not stained by sorrows.”

“Sitting at just one place, it (the Atma) travels long; laying down at a place, it goes everywhere.

Who else can understand that Supreme Soul, which resides in me in the forms of both pleasure and sorrow except me (since it is inside me that it resides)?”[3]

The Soul is real. There is no question of this. I cannot tell you what it is, it must be experienced, but I will tell you kind of what it is like, and what it is not like, and perhaps through this process of transmutation of ideas, transfer of ideas, you shall understand. You shall have knowledge. True knowledge, the highest knowledge. Knowledge of the reality of the Ātman. And its relationship to Brahman – here speaking in the form of Yama, the King of Death.

And in the Katha Upanishad, itself, a way back home – to this knowledge – is given as Yama grants Nachiketa a boon for his patience (another virtue extolled in the Vedas) that the fire sacrifice is renamed the Nachiketa sacrifice and through its (proper) performance the nature of the universe can be known. Yama gave Nachiketa a map basically. The way back you might say.[4]

This is Ātman. The eternal witness behind the machine.

It is beyond death. Beyond time. Beyond space.

The Soul (Ātman) is real. Full Stop.

The Soul is eternal. Full stop.

You and the land are one (King Arthur reference). Full stop.

This is Ātman. This is the Soul. The Lord of his own life, and with the ability to shape it, transform it, design it. We are the grand creators of the universe. The envy of the gods. There is the law of karma yes. And the law of free will. And the law of attraction. These are fundamental laws no doubt.

But this world is not what we think it is, we are not what we think we are, and God isn’t who we think he is either. You can’t make this shit up. Literally. It’s almost infuriating in its deceit because everything is shown to us, everything is just as we were told, in all the ancient scripture from all the major religious traditions. And yet everything remains hidden. Infuriating.

But perhaps that is changing. Or some of it is changing. In this timeline of this reality at least. The moth becomes the butterfly, through a painful metamorphosis in a cocoon, emerging triumphant and beautiful in this beautiful and majestic world of ours.

Regardless the beauty, and directness, of the Upanishads is a thing of beauty in and of itself. The hidden secret revealed, the dream within a dream.

The depiction from Interstellar is pretty spot on (one of my favorite scenes of all time), from a wide range of perspectives but for our purposes here were just looking at the Cosmic Quantum Energy Field (CQEF), and its relationship to the Soul really. Both are real. Both exist and while the Soul is distinct from the field, it’s existence depends upon the field and as such it is ultimately made of the same substance you could say.

Furthermore, what we have here in this plane of existence, this dimension, is a projection of (physical) form, of time and space, into a sort of virtual reality that feels, looks and smells real, but its really just a hologram of sorts – just a really fuckin good one designed by some of the most amazing engineers every to exist. Bravo really.

So this world exists in a way, it’s just not what we think, and our dimensional ontology is way off. It’s the CQEF which is primary, our world just a dream… but who is dreaming? Ātman… But what is it that is behind the dream? Brahman.

Brahman == CQEF. Full stop.

It is a grand, vast sea of consciousness.

It is vibrating.

It is alive.

It is pulsating with energy.

But it is not without form.

There is a Geometry to the field, a structure to its shape and movement.

We have emerged from the field.

We are a disturbance in the field.

And the field is erotic.

It’s a higher order reality than this one. That cannot be doubted. Are there higher order realities than it? Metaphysically speaking I don’t think so. This Cosmic Quantum Energy Field(CQEF) is the basis of the existence of the universe, in all its dimensions – from one end of the universe to the other. The universe in this sense is alive. And is limitless. Time and space itself. Energy. Are bound by and within this field. They cannot exist beyond it.

Is this God? Well no. Not in the Abrahamic sense. More in the Vedic, Upanishadic sense. This is Brahman, which ultimately is identifiable with Ātman (the Jiva in later texts, who is transformed through moksha to experience samādhi – samādhi is a merging into the cosmic quantum energy field essentially), but yet nonetheless exists outside of the Ātman, for there are an infinite number of beings in the universe, but all come from the same source.

As such, the CQEF can take shape, take form – not in the 3d, physical dimension type, but more of the fifth dimension, higher order being, world of Platonic Form sense. And the Lord God has taken many forms of the ages, and revealed himself in this way to various Ātman in a sort of infinite continuous play of ignorance and knowledge (avidyā and vidyā) that is fundamentally characteristic to mankind.

And there is a music to it. A harmony. That is interwoven with its Geometry. As it vibrates and pulsates. It is a constant ringing that you can hear if you quiet yourself. It’s the electricity that pervades the space between my physical form and this computer right now. It is alive. And it wants to dance.

Its alive with erotic energy (Kripal) – the energy of a being that wants to be pleasured by itself for itself. This is what brought the universe into being – the spirit moved upon the waters… what spirit? Some of the more archaic, arguably less elegant, creation stories from prehistorical antiquity has this universal overlord ejaculating all over himself in order to bring the world – the known universe – into being. Well yes, that is one way to put it. This is Nietzsche’s will to power, it’s the will to live with all its grand beauty and pleasure and pain and glory and bliss and suffering.

The oddest thing, and perhaps something both the Neo-Platonists as well as the Advaita Vedānta school (Śaṅkara, Vivekananda…) got right – it is knowledge itself. And knowledge is power. But it comes with a cost no doubt, a responsibility – this is a universal law. This is why so much preparation is necessary. Why it s fully understood that this power is not to be used for harm of any other soul, without ultimately dire consequences. This is where we are now unfortunately, which is why we will be in for a bumpy road here as our world recalibrates – the Great Reset is coming.

[Nietzsche’s will to power again, here manifest in a somewhat corrupt form, as is the case with life forms in general, in the author. His ‘heroic realism’, this battle between good and evil which is unique to the human condition, plays itself out here as the ouroboros, the snake eating itself, getting ready to turn as it was at the end of the 20th century, and he saw it coming, the great clash of powers, and he told us what was coming. And then he went mad… or did he?].

It is psychic force really (even though the first word that came to mind was element, it is a thing, it does exist in some dimensional reality), psychic in the sense that it is not only alive, pulsating (I can feel it coursing through my body right now in fact) but also that the source itself (Satcitānanda) is localized in this form – Ātman and jīva – Soul and body but also everywhere at the same time. This is cliché but dead true, this is what Quantum Mechanics has shown us. If we could just stop and listen for a moment… This is of course what meditation was designed to do, to open these doors. Or thin the doors really so you could see the outside.

[1] The ‘Quantifiable Connection’ scene can be watched in its entirety on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtTkcM9BfXM.

[2] Katha Upanishad. Chapter II, verses 15-16.

[3] Katha Upanishad. Chapter II, verses 19-23. Source translation: http://www.vedarahasya.net/katha-2.htm

[4] Katha Upanishad. Chapter I, verse 19.

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