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Judeo-Christian Cosmology: A Comparative Perspective

The primary source for Judeo-Christian cosmology is can be found in the early part of the Bible[1], primarily in Genesis of course[2].  The challenge when looking at the Bible from a purely academic and historical perspective however, is that…
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Creation Stories of the Ancient Egyptians: Order (Maat) from Chaos

Cultural Context As Charlie began to delve into the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, and in particular their cosmology, or mythological description of the origins of the known universe, he found that a narrative of mythology or a book of…
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Egyptian Mythology: The Bedrock of Western Theology

Judaism and Zoroastrianism clearly represented some of the earliest forms of monotheism in the civilized world, and both faiths had their respective prophets which each set of followers believed had had their respective laws, or truths, handed…