The Storm

The Wind whips through the Sky
Pounds against the buildings and the streets
Whistling through apartment windows
Breaking the safety and piercing through

Singing and Dancing as she goes
Declaring her strength.
Showing her ferocity.

Strength and Force are her Weapons.
The howl of the wind her speech.
The rain and snow her clothing.
Her rapture.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars her jewelry.
All Her Message.
All Her Reminder.
She is close.
Even when she is far.

We sit, safe and sound within our fortresses
Under the Illusion of safety
But she will find us.
She will catch us.
In the end, there is no escape.

With all our arrogance.
Our “mastery” of Her.
The illusion of control.
The illusion of fact.
The illusion of Science.
There is but her.

Wrapped in Nature.
Wrapped in the Stars.
Wrapped in the Mountains.
Wrapped in our Buildings, our cities.
Wrapped in our books and our Words.

Obeying laws as she sees fit.
Following Reason.
And yet when she wants, when she wills.
She buffets this world in her pleasure.

Beatings and Rumblings handed down from the beginning of time.
From these beginnings the Earth was founded.
Created by herself from herself
For her own enjoyment.

These are the gods of old.
The Wind, the Stars, the Sea.
All of these forces of Nature.
We look upon them now as the inexplicable, the ignorance.
And yet how much do we really know?

Why are we here?
From whence did we come?
Who is our maker?
What is it about homo sapiens that makes us so special?
All of these basic questions
These pillars of Science have yet to answer.
Claiming only that one day they will be answerable.

When we chase the last atom
To the beginning of time.
We will declare “look, we have found it!”
What nonsense have we latched onto as truth.
And yet the theists nonetheless
Are steeped in their own ignorance.
Their own arrogance.
Or are they?

The myths, the stories, the tales.
That were told to children
Over the Fire and the Wind and the Stars
In days gone by.

Were these Tales true?
Did they captivate the minds of the people
And did they stir the Souls?
And was this not the point after all?
And is this not what makes us human?

The Truth lies only in the storm.
In the heart of the chaos, there is calm.
If we seek to find it.
And in this calm, at the very center.
There lies the Answer.

The Soul.
Deep within the heart of the Storm
Peace can be found.
If we but look.

To Stare into the eyes of the Monster.

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