Chakras are real, shakti is real. Understand these vortexes of energy and how they fuel this existence, this apparition and how they manifest in the external world around us and also in the internal world in our bodies – manifesting as sickness or health, optimal or sub-optimal performance of the system effectively.

This is the system by which the breath of life, prāṇa, channels through the human form.

One can see the chakra system from a philosophical perspective as the connection between res extensa and res cogitans, the bridge between the physical and mental worlds. It is precisely that – the means by which the higher dimensionality expresses itself in the human form, and in the forms of other animals and other beings as well which have similar systems of energy that power them quite literally.

This explains why the alignment of thought word and deed, fundamental tenets of every religious and spiritual tradition in fact, is so important for health generally speaking, both from a physical and spiritual perspective. When these are out of alignment then this misalignment is not only reflected in the outside world, in external circumstance but the inner world as well. As within so without…

The system is of Indian origins, those darned Rishis again, and the word in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’. These are whirling vortexes of energy that run up and down our spine that motor, root really (again no pun intended), our existence in this reality. It is the power reactor from which we create and preserve this life form. This life form.

Each of the chakras is represented by a specific mandala, with specific colors that vibrates at a certain strength and frequency. This is what they are. Chakras, again wheels, is what we named that because that’s what they look like – whirling dervish energy centers. The mandalas imply this movement, these are not static 2d structures of course, they are our representation of them.

This is Plato’s realm of forms, where things must exist in the intellectual realm in order for them to have any manifestation or instantiation in the physical realm. This higher order idea must exist. This is what he was trying to get at. This is almost a natural law of our universe, a statement on its underlying architecture and structure – that is based on thought.

This is the Intellect of the Neoplatonists, Nous as it were. A word no doubt very close to the notion of ‘our’, or the collective interestingly, from the same root: nostrorum. This is no accident. Nous here is Jung’s collective unconscious. Same idea. But it’s a metaphysical reality in all these systems, this is what most people fail to recognize.

We start with the root, governed by Saturn, and then move on to sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown – with an implicit astrological mapping. In antiquity there were seven visible planets, and it is to these planets that the ancients looked to for order. And their world was a mystical one. As above, so below.

This is a common theme across most of antiquity, with varying calendars developed but of course all of them based upon the motion of the heavens. We were celestial beings to the ancients. We have an interesting exposition of the chakras by a Mr. Dave Mockaitus, a professional astrologer as it turns out, who refers to the system quite appropriately as a metaphysical representation of the human anatomy.

He goes on to map the system against the seven planetary spheres as follows:

In “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe“, Michael Schneider presents a Renaissance-era-inspired depiction of the chakras and their planetary correspondences. Beginning at the base of the spine with the first chakra, which is associated with Saturn, the chakras proceed in Chaldean order which is synonymous with the relative planetary distances from the Sun (Saturn – 1, Jupiter – 2, Mars – 3, Venus – 4, Mercury – 5, Moon – 6, Sun – 7) (Warnock Planetary Hours). It’s quite likely that this is the progression that was used by the ancients as it resonates so clearly with other planetary systems in use at the time.[2]

So in this model we have:

  1. Root chakra: Saturn
  2. Sacral chakra: Jupiter
  3. Solar Plexus chakra: Mars
  4. Heart chakra: Venus
  5. Throat chakra: Mercury
  6. Third Eye chakra: Moon
  7. Crown chakra: Sun

Where each chakra not only has a physical counterpart within the embodied form, and as such is manifest in the world external to the human form, but also has a counterpart in the sky, reflecting the world view that as above so below and that we are made in God’s image essentially. It is of course also no accident that there are seven of them (smaller ones no doubt, just like there are smaller planets, but seven primary).

If we are to be balanced, if we are to sing in tune with the universe you might say, as cosmic mockingbirds dancing in the moonlight, then we must understand these energy centers. We must run the most efficient energy factory, emit the most light. This is our sacred duty. Tune the system. It is literally to become enlightened.

This was what Pirsig’s first work, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was about – a book that changed my whole way of thinking that I found at 18 in state boy, let me tell you. World crumbling down like bricks and mortal until I could barely breathe through it. Heart being crushed to a point that it may never have recovered honestly. Wounds that run deep but that make up who we are.

And Pirsig is trying to get at the root of the problem, why is everyone such a dick all the time, why has everything become profane? Where did we lose our way? And for him it’s the idea of Quality, or meaning in way. What is the purpose of it all?

Answering these questions ultimately drove him mad of course. That’s the beauty of the story. The good ones are all tragedies right? What’s up with that?

The implied notion here of course is that to heal someone, is to put this energy system into harmony – balance it. Tune it. Tune it with the sound of the universe. This was the very ancient idea.

As we moved toward a mechanistic and physical view of reality, objective realism I call it, this knowledge of healing was lost too. This knowledge also must be brought back, and it is connected with the chakras, which is connected with the universe which is connected to the cosmos which is pretty fuckin cool actually.


As above so below.

As Hermes taught us so long ago.

If you follow the arrow straight and true

The truth just might come to you

Or perhaps not, as it wishes

While you clean the dishes

Or do the laundry

Or mow the lawn

Or walk at dawn

One never knows

When she will come

So tip your toes

And tread carefully home

This energy, that we control – or that we think we control – is rooted in the universal world order, these ancient seven spheres – the planets. And as such, we are somewhat governed by them, influenced by them, by the forces the energies that they represent but at the same time we are world creators too so while there is an analog in the energy centers, the energy type you might say, one does not necessarily rule over the other.

But knowledge, full knowledge, of the energy centers will allow you to control the universe. Basically. To Become God ultimately. To meet your maker, to become your maker.

So let’s go then. How does this shit work? Well it literally starts with sitting. The root chakra is the Muladhara chakra through which we defecate basically. The end of the energy channel that seats us in the world, quite literally.


Chakra system with colors and shapes.

The figure above illustrates, or attempts to, that the underlying light energy at work in each of the chakras is different in terms of light (wavelength) and shape (sub-atomic structure). Again the same must hold true for their celestial components, the planets. This is their connection, a tether of energy from above that plugs into a force field of (human) energy on the planet (collective unconscious again) which is powered by the individuals. We literally power the shield, and it is the shield that protects us.

At any given time, only three of these chakras can be active. They work in threes basically, like a pyramid, and this is the basic energy source through which ascension is possible. This is what the pyramids were designed to do in effect, facilitate this ascension – through our chakra system. Powering up basically.

Depending upon where you focus your energies, you will be operating in a specific domain. So with enough consistent attention, enough cleansing of the chakras, enlightenment is possible for anyone that takes human form. Anyone.

Here’s the thing though, this form moves through time and space. Enlightenment is a state of being, but the ability to hold this state of being for one’s whole life, even just a portion of it, can only be done by the greatest masters. Takes thousands of lifetimes to achieve such self-control, and this is what it is – mastery is self-control. They mean precisely the same thing here in this context.

So to uphold and support an enlightened state of being then, the masters have taught us that we must follow certain basic principles and guidelines – Buddha and Patañjali lay them out quite nicely. These same principles apply today, in fact apply to anyone who takes human form.

We must build the pyramid upon which we can rest God’s glory. His light is infinite, but he needs a vessel to work through. He needs help (he created quite a mess here) and job openings are plentiful. Only thing is you may get hung to death on a cross of nails but other than that its totally cool, trust me. Oh, and you’ll be poor and if they don’t kill you they will just think you’re crazy.

It sounds great really. I don’t know why more people haven’t volunteered.

Ultimately like any decent engineer knows, we must understand how the machine works if we are to tune it right? Any good engineer knows that. Leave your machine unattended, it will malfunction. Literally a bad action, it will sing off tune which is by its very nature offensive and irritating. This must be avoided at all costs. This is a very OCD attitude yes but God has OCD, and he’s lazy, that’s why he created us. To do his dirty work while he gets all the credit. Sigh.

This is lost knowledge that must be recovered for this new age. So we can improve our station in life as they say. Build a better machine I say. The important thing to fully appreciate about this energy based model of the human form, of our persona, what is necessary to apprehend as it were, is that you actually create, manifest through time and space you might say, your reality using this form that you were given. And when you get good at it, you actually become beautiful. You transform into beauty itself because you are beauty.

You are a reality creating machine, actually governed by your Soul (Ātman) but nonetheless given free will, or at least the appearance of free will, to make the game interesting. Freakin genius really. You create this reality with your chakras, and they each open up different levels of consciousness, or better put each are capable of generating various degrees of modes of consciousness. But like any other Science, like any other study really, you must master your art.

You must understand how they work, and what we mean by ‘manifest reality across time and space’.

This is the holographic universe at work. We are self-projecting entities. Except, and here’s the really weird part, we do it on a collective grid. This is the Intellect, Jung’s collective unconscious from which the archetypes that suggest and motivate our human collective across time and space locked in these epic struggles between good and evil which are simply reflections of our own inner battles?

Do you want to save the world?

Save yourself.

And by doing this you will have accomplished everything.

[1] Image from

[2] Contacting the Planets by Dave Mockaitis. See

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