Entry 10.1.2021: Networking, Data Exchange and the Age of Information

The modern technology infrastructure has ushered in a new age, the Information Age, where people from all over the world can share their stories, experiences, knowledge to anyone and everyone around the world. A massive, global, redundant and massively scalable information infrastructure has been erected on the planet and people and societies are evolving and adapting to this ubiquitous and all-pervading system which sits within the palm of our hands quite literally. This is being exploited for both good and bad purposes (pick your side here) but its existence cannot be ignored and society writ large must adapt to it. This includes academia which seems to be a bit slow on the uptake here. The Age of Information is upon us and it must adapt as well.

Ancient, hidden secrets are being revealed now as well on a massive scale, and there are many charlatans out there laying claim to the truth. That which has been hidden is being revealed and the esoteric (hidden) and mystical (magical) are being validated by science. Science must broaden its horizons and recognize what the data is telling us. Even if the direction it points us in is somewhat jarring and disturbing…

A brief discussion on the state of technology, AI and the implications of the latest scientific research from a metaphysical perspective is available on my YT channel now here.

Enjoy. Namaste.


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