Entry 09.30.2021: On the Nature of Thought and the Human Form

What’s the difference between a yogi and a philosopher? A yogi looks to be enlightened while a philosopher looks to simply understand what it is like to be enlightened. The distinction is between how one perceives the relationship between the mind and body, as we look at in today’s diary entry.

The (Western) philosophical mind has forgotten it’s relationship not just to the world of spirit – Plato’s forms (eidos), Jung’s archetypes, etc – but also its relationship to the physical form, the body and the material world. The yogi recognizes these connections and as such understands that his (alchemical) journey of self transformation involves not only the transformation of our (channeling and architecture) of thought, but also the transformation of our physical world as well. All mind, body and spirit work in tandem as a single unified process of transformation (I Ching, Man-Heaven-Earth).

As above so below. As within so without…

What is the true nature of thought? How does it relate to, how is it connected, to the physical form? How does this relate to Yoga and the chakra (energy) system? What is Tantra Yoga?

We explore these themes in my latest Diary entry… check it out here.



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