On the Nature of Mind (video entry)

What is the nature of mind? What is the nature of thought? Who are we really? Who are you really?

These are the questions that lie at the heart of meditation practice. They are beginner ideas, but in their simplicity, and focus, represent the very fundamental questions that underpin the shift in perspective, the broadening of perspective, that provide the intellectual, and ultimately the experiential, basis of spiritual life. The beginning of the path of the rebirth into spirit…

This two part diary entry looks at what we know, what experience is common to all (ie the human experience) and what truths, facts ultimately, can be drawn based upon this knowledge. The heart of meditation practice, intellectual reflection which is one of the distinctive features of being human (homo sapiens after all), becomes the basis for a new perspective on life and the world, and ultimately provides the basic building blocks for a new metaphysics (Metaphysics of Awareness).

Entries available on our YouTube channel here.




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