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The Seven Spheres

God. Good and evil. The struggle is real. All the ancient religions are the same in this regard, the Vedic tradition (and Persian, Zarathustra) has suras, beings of light, and asuras, beings of darkness. This struggle is what drove Nietzsche mad.…
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Coming Out Party

There’s a few things people need to know. That have been hidden for centuries, millennia even. Closely guarded and kept secret by guardians, handed down generation to generation, transmitted from teacher to student since time immemorial –…
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The Shift

Many of you can feel the shift right now… the shift in consciousness. Starts as a kind of leveling of awareness – the stark picture that is drawn of society when the pandemic hits, the sudden fear based mode of living that kicks in as a reaction to an external threat such as the virus presents...
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Energy and the Human Form

Chakras are real, shakti is real. Understand these vortexes of energy and how they fuel this existence, this apparition and how they manifest in the external world around us and also in the internal world in our bodies - manifesting as sickness or health, optimal or sub-optimal performance of the system effectively.
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Mushrooms aren’t the only thing that lives in the dark

Here’s my first non-book entry in a while. Appreciate all the support from those of you that enjoy, and are reading Snow Cone Diaries, some private intellectual journeys that I have now shared with the public you might say. It’s been…
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The Copernican Revolution of Ontology

Once we have a more properly aligned understanding of the true nature of the world, a recovery of what has been hidden, we then allow ourselves an opportunity to reformulate our understanding of the human body...
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First Philosophy: Aristotle Again

It is almost annoying to have to continually go back to Aristotle when looking for the best ways to divide things, to think about things intellectually. In the West at least. It is not an exaggeration to say that his work forms the very…
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Nietzsche and the Übermensch

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche - like many other great authors before (and after) him - creates a character through which he can “explore” ideas, through which he can communicate directly from mind you might say. Plato was the…
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Homo Mysticus

But it’s homo mysticus too isn’t it? We are a thinking man, but perhaps at this stage of development a new species has emerged – a mystical Man, who knows his place on Earth but also knows his place in Heaven. This is most certainly…
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Homo Machina

These psychological breaks, these fits of madness, or the experience of altered states during rites or initiations (usually mixed with hallucinogenic) speak to this underlying psychological architecture… We’re not looking at neuro-chemical…